Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Teacher Becomes the Student

A seasoned yoga practitioner realizes the style and type of yoga they are drawn to over time, changes with the growth going on within their own life, body, and mind.  Sometimes that change is day to day, with asana and pranayama practiced with a changing daily purpose (ie. raising energy levels, relaxing, athletic goals, etc), and sometimes the change happens over several years.  Maybe finding that one particular style of yoga is the perfect fit for you, only to realize you are ready for something new years later.  

I am learning the same can also be said for yoga teachers.  I absolutely love teaching yoga.  It is awesome to see big smiles and sparkling eyes on students after they complete a practice that clicked with them!  However, I am also keenly aware that there are only so many hours in a day, and when one already has their hands full and wants to pick something up, one first needs to set something down.   

So beginning immediately, I am taking a hiatus in my yoga teaching, and going back to being a student.  Both in yoga, and in graduate school, which I begin in January.  

I anticipate returning to yoga teaching in about two years, and plan on putting up more free yoga video workouts on the YouTube channel in the meantime.  While I enjoy practicing at home, there is also a lot of good to be said for a positive group class energy, so I have made the commitment to myself to attend at least one group class a week as a student, and I am looking forward to simply enjoying yoga from that side of the ‘yoga room’ again.  And that means I still get to see many of my yoga friends every week, and am looking forward to that as well!

To all the students who have helped me grow as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist over the last several years, “THANK YOU”!!!  And, of course, I am still looking forward to seeing you on the mat!  

~ Monica :)